Train Song

by Al Chamberlain

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Out of the blue
My girl said to me
Sadness is the track
And happiness the stations
That's why life doesn't live up to
Most people's expectations
Don't you know?
Then she turned to me
Looked me straight in the eye
Don't think this is gonna work she said
What ? I said, but why?
Cos your train stops at stations
And mine just goes in circles in the rain
That's my train
So I said to her
That's clever, where's it from?
Did you find it on
A website for relationships
A chatroom or a forum?
She just smiled and looked across the bar
But really far
Well whenever she talked in metaphors
I knew something was wrong
I had to save the situation
I knew I didn't have long
I watched her G&T go flat
Then I raised my head
Well I don't know where it came from
But this is what I said
I said You know when I met you
It's like I got on at Waterloo
I didn't have a ticket
I didn't even know where I was going
I just knew I had to catch that train
She still looked pained
So I said...
We pulled out of the station
The clouds began to break
No-one else around us
Which seat d'you wanna take?
Well let's sit by the window
Laugh and talk and watch the countryside
Was that a smile?
So I said...
Yes there's been leaves on the line
There's been snow of the wrong kind
Fines and strikes and suicides
There's been some bumpy rides
But we're still going
Can't we just stay on till the next station?
She looked impatient
So I said...
It's been the best journey ever
The view keeps getting better
I'm glad that I got on here
I never would have met you
Then she laughed and said That's sweet
And I guess it's true
Well I don't know why I said that stuff
But I know that I love you
So let's keep on going
But tell me is it true
That sadness is the track
And happiness the stations
And that's why life doesn't live up to
Most people's expectations?


released April 30, 2013



all rights reserved


Al Chamberlain Brighton, UK

The small stuff that the big stuff's made of.

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